BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller

About BOB they really do pride themselves in creating high quality strollers to help parents get out and explore the outdoors with their children. Now the BOB strollers are excellent for running, jogging, even walking.

Now they do have a few different versions but today we’re gonna show you the Revolution Flex.

Jogging with your infant

Now before we get into that I wanna talk to you a little bit about jogging with your child. It’s never recommend to jog with your child under 6 months old and That’s even if you’re using a car seat with that stroller.

The reason for that is because their neck and spine are not developed enough to take the impact of jogging. So do keep that in mind

What makes it a jogging stroller

Some key factors to look for to make sure that you do have a jogging stroller. So three main characteristic you wanna to make sure that it has.

Mountain Bike-Style Suspension

You should be able to tell by pushing down on the frame of this stroller, and it should bounce back so it should be absorbing some of that energy.

12” Air-Filled Tires on Polymer Wheels

Also you wanna to have air filled tires. Now again that’s gonna absorbs some of that energy so that your child isn’t feeling so much of that impact.

Swivel-Locking Front Wheel

The reason for that locking position is so that it requires less effort on the driver to keep it going straight.

So it’s going to naturally go forward so you’re not having to control it as much, reducing the energy that you’re having to expend so you can focus on jogging.

It able to lock in an out position. But the longer you may able to make your stroller, the less effort it’s gonna take for you to control it.

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