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  • 3D Three-Dimensional Massage
  • Can help you relieve fatigue and enhance the natural regeneration of the body
  • The silicone massage head is soft and comfortable
  • Soothing relaxation, both physical and mental
  • can use it on your neck, body, and lower body with great results
  • Add-On Bubble Wrap RM1
  • Forehead Temperature
  • Intelligent 3 Color backlight display
  • Detect Fiver Color Green Yellow Red
  • Detect the surface temperature of an object
  • Non-contact: safe and clean
  • store 32 memories for data analysis
  • °C and °F be changeable and selectable
  • Add-On Bubble Wrap RM1
  • Add-On USB Plug RM3.50
  • Rechargeable Eye Massager
  • 22 capsules magnet massaging feelers
  • 9 modes Multi-frequency vibration around the eye
  • Improves blood circulation, eliminates eyestrain
  • Prevents myopia or suspends turning into high myopia
  • Alleviates insomnia by inducing a state of deep relaxation
  • Helps relieve mental stress
  • Suitable for anyone who excessively uses eyes
  • Relax & Massage Your Feet
  • Enjoy a 'Hot Jacuzzi' For Your Feet
  • SPA Bubbles Jet Massage To Heal Fatigue
  • Easy Transportation Anywhere